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'Day in the Life' Media

The ‘Day in the Life’ Media service that we can provide, could be instrumental to your catastrophic or clinical negligence case. We will work closely with you from the outset, to understand what you want to achieve from the footage. This might include:

  • Establishing if their current residence is suitable
  • The level of care they will require
  • How they interact socially following the accident
  • The course of rehabilitation they might require
  • The level of care they will need

All footage will be produced in HD format and will include:

  • Introduction showing your client’s identification
  • Chaptering
  • Captioning
  • Civil Procedures Compliant Statement signed by the videographer
  • Unedited filmed footage

If you require further information about our ‘Day in the Life’ Media service, please call 0345 130 1348 to speak to our team. Or alternatively, instruct us now using the simple link below.